Is your hair 100% Human Hair?

Yes, all of our hair is gorgeous healthy human hair. We currently stock both Asian and Euro hair. Our Asian hair is actually AAA Grade Asian hair which means that it is the cream of the crop. The best quality available. Our Euro hair is our premium professional hair grade. Silky, smooth, thick, with no split ends and best of all its quality will last at least 1year before replacement is required.

Can you put in the hair extensions for me?

We current have a concept salon in Albert Park where we professionally fit our extensions for celebrities and also the public at fantastic prices. We can also refer you to one of our accredited salons, Australia wide. Just give us a call

How many extensions will I need to achieve a FULL HEAD of hair?

Tape hair: 40 pieces is generally what we recommend for a full head, however if you have very thick hair naturally or your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you may require up to an extra 20 pieces. Majority of our clients are content with 40 pieces.

For Pre Bonded or Micro Loop: 150 to 200 strands are what you generally require for a full head of extensions. 150 are adequate for a person with average or medium hair thickness. If you have very thick your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you may require 200 strands. If you would like a half a head, then we recommend between 80 -100 strands

Clip In Hair Extensions - Our 7 piece sets are designed to give a thick full head of hair to hair that is of medium thickness.

Are you Clip in Hair Extensions human hair or synthetic?

We have both Human hair and Synthetic hair fibre available. Our Human Clip in hair extensions are made from Euro hair, so they are thick and shiny and very high quality.

Will hair extensions damage my own hair?

Tape Hair: This method is extremely gentle and we recommend only using tape hair if you suffer from weak or fine hair. Tape hair is by far the safest method of hair extensions available and we recommend tape hair above all other methods.

Pre-bonded and Micro Loop: Whilst the actual extensions will not damage your own hair, you do need to be more cautious when brushing your hair. It is important not to pull to heavily on your extensions as this may cause your own hair to break. To avoid the need to brush your hair heavily, always brush your extensions as soon as you get out of the shower. This will help you avoid minor tangles.

Will my hair get very tangled?

No more than your own hair. Our hair is Remy human hair which is less prone to tangles than other cheaper hair brands. We do recommend that you brush your hair after having a shower before the hair dries. Tangles will never be an issue as long as you treat brush your hair everyday and use professional styling products.

How do I care for my hair extensions?

We offer a full range of hair extension products, such as shampoos, conditioners and treatments. These will keep your hair healthier and shinier for longer. You do not need to purchase these products and can use your current products (as long as they do not contain silicon or sodium laureth sulphate); however our products are specifically designed to care for your extensions. When you purchase your hair extensions, a complete guide to how to care for your extensions will be sent to you. We recommend and love Moroccan Oil.

I need help putting in my extensions. What should I do?

We have created a catalogue of short video tutorials that can be accessed on our wholesaler, Secret Stylist's YouTube channel. Please visit www.youtube.com.au/user/secretstylisthair and watch the relevant video. If you require further assistance, then please call customer service on 03 90185607 

We do recommend that for semi permanent extensions, you visit one of our accredited salons to have your extensions professionally fitted.

Why should I Secret Stylist?

Our hair quality is the best on the market, yet we offer your FAIR pricing. Most of our competitors buy their hair for a low price in China or India, and then excessively mark up their prices, to make the maximum profit from you the consumer. At Secret Stylist we believe that everyone should be able to afford to be beautiful, so we keep our quality high and your costs low.

How long does postage take & what does it cost?

We post all items within 48 hours of receiving payment unless the item is out of stock. Postage is via express post and generally takes 2 - 3 days in Australia and 7 - 10 days overseas. Please note express post in Australia has no insurance; please contact us if you require a more secure option as we accept no responsibility for parcels lost by Australia Post.



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